Ali Mayes Bookkkeeping

Debt Chasing

Resolve those unpaid invoices and keep on top of your cashflow.

Cashflow is one of the biggest challenges we face as business owners, and it can so quickly become a problem. Trying to make sure invoices are issued and paid on time can take up a lot of your precious time, preventing you from earning money for the business. 

Why use a (local) bookkeeper?
For starters, how about because staring at piles of receipts and invoices doesn’t appeal? I thought so! Fortunately, I love small business accounting and bookkeeping, so I’m happy doing tasks that don’t excite you. Using a bookkeeper also frees your precious time for other business activities. So while I do your books, I’m also helping you make money…

How can I help?

  • Chasing unpaid invoices
  • Giving you more time
  • Managing payment terms
  • Managing accounting software

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