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About Ali
Yes, I’m the Gloucestershire bookkeeper who gets excited about receiving your carrier bag full of paperwork. I love settling down at my desk, creating order from chaos, documenting everything and then delivering the completed books to you, your accountant or the taxman…

Like most of my clients, my business is small, but I always treat what I do for you very professionally. I just want to be the skilled, trustworthy, friendly local bookkeeper whose ‘why’ is creating order from Gloucestershire SMEs’ chaos. And that’s what people say I am!

Many people complain that they're just another number to their ‘big’ bookkeeping or accounting firm. They often say that they always have to speak to someone different. Then they mention that this year’s staff member isn’t the same as last year's. So everything must be explained again... 

I get a buzz from being different. The appeal of being the friendly, skilled, reassuringly familiar local bookkeeper, who advises and removes the fear of ‘doing the books’, never loses its appeal. I also love getting everything organised, documented and where it’s meant to be – correct and on time.

True to my guiding principles

Boring though it sounds, my vision for the future is to do more of the same and build a settled group of lovely clients. They’ll be people and organisations that ‘get’ my approach and appreciate the value I bring. Importantly, I intend to do this while staying true to my guiding principles: value; integrity; respecting people and their businesses; and always being genuine and authentic.

Let’s see what I can do for your business

What you see is what you get. So let’s have a chat and see what I can do for your books and your business. Remember, I’m more than just a bookkeeper.


Associate of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
ICB Payroll Management Diploma
ICB Self Assessment Taxation Diploma
Quick Books Online Advanced Certified Pro Advisor
Sage Certified Advisor to level 3


Ali Mayes Bookkeeping, Proprietor - 2 years
TK Refrigeration Limited, Finance and Office Manager - 13 years
Various Accountancy Firms, Bookkeeper and Accounts Assistant

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